Yellow Color Diamond

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Fancy Byellow diamondYellow Color Diamond



While there are differences in color between D, E, and F diamonds, they can be detected only by a gemologist in side by side comparisons, and rarely by the untrained eye.

D-F diamonds should only be set in white gold / platinum. Yellow gold reflects color, negating the diamond’s colorless effect.

Near Colorless

While containing traces of color, G-J diamonds are suitable for a platinum or white gold setting, which would normally betray any hint of color in a diamond.

Because I-J diamonds are more common than the higher grades, they tend to be a great value. An I-J diamond may retail for half the price of a D diamond. Within the G-J range, price tends to increase 10-20% between each diamond grade.

Faint Color

Beginning with K diamonds, color (usually a yellow tint) is more easily detected by the naked eye.

Set in yellow gold, these warm colored diamonds appeal to some, and are an exceptional value. Others will feel they have too much color. Due to its perceptible color tint, a K diamond is often half the price of a G diamond.

Very Light Color

Diamonds in the N-R color range have an easily seen yellow or brown tint, but are much less expensive than higher grades.

Overseas india does not carry diamonds in this color range due to a lack of demand. If you desire a diamond in this range, request a price quote using the custom diamond search.

Light Color

For almost all customers, S-Z diamonds have too much color for a white diamond.

Overseas india does not carry diamonds in this color range. If you desire a diamond in this range, request a price quote using the custom diamond search.

The photo below shows a master set used by gemologists to grade color in diamonds. Each diamond to be graded is compared to the master set to determine where it should fall on the diamond color scale. The colors you see below are slightly exaggerated, since viewing diamonds face down makes their body color more pronounced. The face down orientation makes the detection of body color easier because brightness and fire are minimized when the diamond is face down.

This J color diamond appears

whiter when set in yellow gold

Color becomes much harder to detect once a stone is set in a ring and placed in an environment that contains color

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